Integrated Management System Policy

Integrated Management System Policy

TAV Tunisie, operator of Enfidha Hammamet and Monastir Habib Bourguiba International Airports, aims to be the pioneering and leading airports operating company in Africa. Thus, we commit to provide and continually improve our quality services by protecting environment, optimizing resources, adhering & satisfying the applicable requirements all with respecting ethics and corporate behavior. These commitments are rooted in TAV Tunisie’s values within all its activities:

Enfidha Hammamet International Airport Operations & Ground Handling Assistance

Monastir Habib Bourguiba International Airport Operations

Besides, it is TAV Tunisie belief that all parties affected by the provided services have the right to raise concern and make complaints. TAV Tunisie recognizes complaints as providing valuable feedback on performance quality and the effectiveness of its programs, policies, rules and procedures. Complaint will be handled in a fair, confidential and responsive manner, free from repercussion or prejudice.

Accordingly, our main targets are to:

▪ continuously improve resources planning, energy usage and their related impacts.

▪ continuously improve processes of quality performance and enhance our customer satisfaction

▪ continuously improve the contributions to ensure the performance of our customers

▪ continuously improve environmental impact of airport operations and generate a social benefits

▪ continuously improve health and safety in order to provide adequate & favorable working conditions

This integrated management system policy was adopted by TAV Tunisie Management on 09/01/2023 and is effective from that date.