Public Announcement

TAV Airports Holding is proud of winning the tender in 2007 at the international bid called by the Tunisian State to operate Monastir Habib Bourguiba Airport and to build and operate a new airport in Enfidha. Committed to exert its international experience and know how at the service of Tunisia, TAV Airports has been efficiently contributing to the modernization of the Tunisian air transportation infrastructure and to the improvement and development of the services provided to the tourists visiting Tunisia, and hence increasing the number of tourists as well as the entailed income generated for the country. In a period where the entire world was passing through one of the worst financial and economic crisis, TAV, in partnership with renowned international financial institutions, has invested in Tunisia an amount of approximately 550 million euro and realized in Tunisia, in a record time, the best airport in Africa and South Europe. During the world financial crisis when companies all over the world were cancelling their investments and laying off workers, TAV Airports has continued to invest in Tunisia. It had not dismissed any employee and instead provided some 570 extra employment opportunities. TAV investment in Tunisia was encouraged by the excellent prestige Tunisia enjoys at the international arena and the sound and safe environment it provides for Foreign Investors. This investment constitutes a successful example that would encourage other foreign investors to come to the country. The new, and very much deserved, democratic atmosphere that is prevailing now in Tunisia will certainly offer to all of us the possibility to work more efficiently towards the achievement of better results for the Tunisian tourism sector. TAV through its operations in both Monastir Habib Bourguiba and Enfidha-Hammamet Airport is very much keen and strongly determined to play a major role towards this end. Under TAV operation and with its internationally proven expertise and dedication of its entire staff, Monastir Habib Bourguiba and Enfidha-Hammamet Airports will be two outstanding complementary gateways to Tunisia. The capacity of Monastir Habib Bourguiba Airport is not sufficient to handle the increasing number of tourists coming to Tunisia. However, this Airport will continue to be a major gateway to the country; It will never be closed and will keep on serving the number of passengers that is commensurate with its ideally efficient capacity. TAV Airports has been carrying in Turkey, Europe and Russia large marketing and promotional activities for Monastir, Sousse and Hammamet regions. With the same spirit, during the Dignity and Freedom Revolution, TAV Tunisie staff never left their duties and efficiently contributed to preserve the image of Tunisia; they helped ensuring a safe and comfortable return of tourists to their countries and that was very much appreciated by all, locally and abroad. Those tourists are back now and it is the duty of all of us to put them in confidence through our airports which are the showrooms of the country and TAV is strongly committed to actively and efficiently participate to this national action in both Monastir Habib Bourguiba and Enfidha-Hammamet airports.