Pilgrims Flights Started From Monastir Airport

Monastir Habib Bourguiba international airport, operated by TAV Tunisie, started handling flights of this year’s hajj season in a serene and comfortable climate. The operator of the airport has indeed taken all measures to ensure easiness of travel to all passengers to the holy shrine by undertaking substantial renovation works at the terminal and providing all logistic facilities to ensure a smooth flow of the pilgrims all along the registration and boarding processes. Similar facilities have also been provided to the families of the pilgrims allowing them sufficient and free parking areas and refreshments. In this connection, worth is to be mentioned that for the first time this year, since 1995, travel formalities for pilgrims are made in the airport per se where a special area within the terminal has been allocated to them thus sparing them a considerable gain of time and physical endurance pilgrims of previous year were suffering as registration formalities were undertaken in Monastir fair area 9km away of the airport. This particular measure, initiated by the operator of airport, has been very much praised by the pilgrims and their families as well as by the various intervening parties. 8 flights are scheduled from Monastir Airport this year during the period 19-27October carrying a total of 1906 pilgrims. Return flights are scheduled to start on 13 November and continue till 22 November.