Ground Handling Services

Ground handling services

Pasenger services

  • Passager acceptance and baggage processes
  • Lost baggage, damaged baggage and transfer baggage processes.
  • Meeting arrival passengers and directing them to terminal exit

Ramp Services

  • Meeting and marshalling the aircraft
  • Offloading and loading of Aircraft
  • Equipment supply
  • Provision of ground power unit , Air condition , Unit and Push –Back unit services to the aircraft
  • Interior cleaning
  • Provision of toilet and water services to the aircraft
  • Passenger and crew transport between air craft and passenger terminal
  • Storage of pallets, containers and other unit load devices

Cargo and mail services

  • For general cargo ,special cargo products (dangerous goods ,valuable cargo, courier etc )and mail;
  • Equipment
  • Classification
  • Customs transactions
  • Lost cargo transactions
  • Transfer and transit transaction

Load control, communications and flight operation services provision of aircraft service coordination

  • Preparation and distribution of flight documents (customs declaration ,Load sheet, weather forecast, flight plan etc )